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I don't usually reach out for help or advice, but given the circumstances, I think an exception is in order. Over these past few months I've had to make some serious changes to the direction my life is heading. I'm not going to lie, it's been an awful experience, and I'm not certain that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't just another train.

But through it all, the one thing I have consistently enjoyed, and even looked forward to, is writing The Gates of Dawn. I've always been a storyteller ever since I can remember. It's just what I do, and I love it more than anything else in the world.

Anyways, one of the possibilities I've looked at over the last few months is Patreon.

So the question arises: Should I open a Patreon account for my stories? And if I do, what sort of incentives should I offer in exchange for support? Are enough people even interested in my work?

Just floating the idea. Thoughts?
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WordsToRemember Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016
Before starting something like a Patreon account, you should probably make sure you're present enough
on social networks, so that a lot of people are aware of you and your works. DeviantArt is a good start,
and regarding the writing communtiy Wattpad should also be a site for you, since it's entirely for fellow
writers (who publish their works there) and book lovers on the search for new stories. Leaving comments
or also reading requests on peoples sites, who say that they're open for reading new stories might help
you to gain more attention.
Once you've published some chapters on Wattpad also (because I guess you've already submitted some
chapters here on deviantArt, didn't you? I haven't looked around your gallery yet, because this journal of
yours catched my attention first, but I'm going to look around later!), you should consider joining a site
called 'RadishFiction'. It's a social network and also avaible as smartphone app.
One of it's slogans is 'read great stories before anyone else' and this pretty much reveals the concept
behind it. You can upload your story there, too. Maybe all the actual wattpad chapters for free. But all the
unpublished chapters for a small price, which the readers may want to pay, if they want to know how your
story goes on and can't wait for you to update it on one of your social sites. (A good reason to end your
chapters with a cliffhanger.)

For example you'd update your story every saturday. So every fan of you knows: each saturday a new
chapter of this story will be released, yay, that's the reason I'm always looking forward to saturdays!
But I want to read even more, I can't wait for next saturday to come! - In this case, you should always post
a short author comment after your story, saying that 3 more chapters (or more, who knows) can be found
on radishfiction atm, so that they know, that if they're willing to pay a small price for reading the next chapter,
they can read on and 'unlock' the 'locked' chapters. And I guess that on Radish you can promote your story in
some kind of ways, too, but since I'm not a member of this community, I don't know how, sorry.

Patreon is a good way for artists to get support in these times, but unless you have the luck to get featured
on the front pages, you won't get much attention there, if no one knows you. Also digital artists might have it
easier to invent rewards (something all your supporters are looking forward to, when supporting you there) for
their patrons, because they can say, that they'll draw them or give them access to their brushes or whatever.
And so they can offer $1 to $ 30 supporting tiers (depending in how much you're willing to spend you get more
rewards of course) easily whereas writers and poetry artists might have trouble coming up with convincing rewards.
(That's what I think, but maybe that's only my opinion and it's actually very easy, who knows - you've got to try it out,
to find it out.)

But as always in this case - the more you're known, the better! If you want to join, Wattpad, then join! But as for
you're an writer I guess radish might be a little more helpful for you.

Wow, I ended up writing more than I intended to.

I hope this helped you a little? I'd be happy to know your thoughts on my opinion > <
ZachValkyrie Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Professional Writer
Thanks for writing more than you intended!

I've already decided against Patreon (for the exact same reasons you cited). I am anticipating starting a Facebook page for my story in a little bit though.

RadishFiction actually looks very interesting. I'm planning to release my story in installments as it is (using Penny Dreadfuls as a model) but as I'm sure you have noticed by now, my chapters are a bit long for weekly releases. (Monthly might work though.) I have also been looking at other traditional ebook sites.

...and I am doing much better, now that I have a job and I'm no longer in school.
AdamsDoodles Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I hope get better and your mind cools down, perhaps you could use your talent by helping your supporter to write/construct/correct their story ?
ZachValkyrie Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2015  Professional Writer
You mean offering proofreading services and/or personalized advice? I'm not sure I'm experienced enough for that sort of thing, but it's a possibility.
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