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A Gray Wednesday Morning
A hearse
drives up the street
with four black cars
following behind.
Across the square
a dozen children
play their game
screaming and shouting
a black and white ball
darts about their feet
one boy stumbles
a younger boy moves in
and the ball keeps moving
Life keeps moving...
:iconzachvalkyrie:ZachValkyrie 2 1
The Magic Stone - 3 - Magic by Firelight
The flames leaped high into the night sky as Brannec told his wonderful tales. He was even more amazing than Avi had dreamed! The fire seemed to dance with his words; if Avi looked hard enough, she thought she could see images in the flames. Shapes of heroes and heroines dancing through time and space as Brannec's voice shepherded them through their amazing adventures!
The entire tribe had come out to hear Brannec's tales; storytellers always drew everyone together. Nearly a hundred people sat around the great fire-circle at the center of camp, all watching and listening with attention undivided. Brannec seemed to hold everyone in a trance; even the honored elders seemed just as eager to listen as the young children. Everyone stared at Brannec, hanging like loyal hounds on his every word.
Brannec was like nobody Avi had ever seen. His skin was lighter than anyone from the tribe, giving him an exotic allure. His voice wasn't yet deepened with years, yet it still managed to rumble like t
:iconzachvalkyrie:ZachValkyrie 0 0
The Magic Stone - 2 - The Storyteller
Kit marched through the woods toward the camp, with a dozen heavy water skins and a satisfied smirk on his face. Avi hadn't heard him sneaking up behind her. That look on her face had said it all; she'd been taken completely by surprise. She hadn't even suspected a thing when he tossed a rock into a bush behind her; any experienced hunter would have immediately recognized it as a distraction. Girls were so stupid!
Well, Avi was different. Kit didn't really mind her so much; she had always been fun to be around. She was stupid, yes, like all girls were, but not boring-stupid like most of the other girls, and especially not like that one girl he had been promised to since birth, whatever her name was. Avi was just... fun-stupid! Yeah, that was a thing, wasn't it? Fun-stupid?
Kit shrugged. If it wasn't already a thing, it should be. He would just have to see about that when he became chief. The chief always got his way!
Finally, Kit emerged from the woods and found himself standing before
:iconzachvalkyrie:ZachValkyrie 1 0
The Gates of Dawn - 7 - A Demonstration :iconzachvalkyrie:ZachValkyrie 4 0
The Magic Stone - 1 - A Discovery
The warm afternoon sun wove between the trees and danced playfully across the surface of the water. A gentle breeze played with Avi's long dark hair as she sat by the edge of the shallow brook, filling water skins. It was tedious work.
Avi sighed as the skin she was holding under the surface of the brook slowly filled with water. It wasn't fair! All the other girls were back at the campsite helping the women preserve meat for the journey, or mending clothes, or looking after the infants. Why couldn't she have been given something to do back in camp? There was more than plenty to be done before the tribe started north tomorrow.
Avi pulled the water skin out of the brook, sealed its top, and laid it on the pile beside her. She had a good idea why she had been put to this particular task. This past winter had been her sixteenth; she was a grown woman now as far as the tribe was concerned. What set her apart from other girls of her age was that she was still unmarried.
It wasn't her fault
:iconzachvalkyrie:ZachValkyrie 2 5
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I very much enjoyed reading this story. The broad, mythopoeic nature of the narrative is a nice choice, especially when combined with t...

by Treyos

Let's start with story, because story always comes first: You've done a very good job of setting up a very compelling premise (I'll adm...


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Zacharias Johanssen Walkyrja III
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
I'm a writer. It's all I've ever been, and it's all I want to be. There is nothing else that matters.

Anyways, who wants to hear a story?

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I don't usually reach out for help or advice, but given the circumstances, I think an exception is in order. Over these past few months I've had to make some serious changes to the direction my life is heading. I'm not going to lie, it's been an awful experience, and I'm not certain that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't just another train.

But through it all, the one thing I have consistently enjoyed, and even looked forward to, is writing The Gates of Dawn. I've always been a storyteller ever since I can remember. It's just what I do, and I love it more than anything else in the world.

Anyways, one of the possibilities I've looked at over the last few months is Patreon.

So the question arises: Should I open a Patreon account for my stories? And if I do, what sort of incentives should I offer in exchange for support? Are enough people even interested in my work?

Just floating the idea. Thoughts?


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